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Jan is a textile designer with many years’ experience as a commercial design consultant. During the past fifteen years Jan has extended her practise developing work as designer / maker, focusing on the design, development and production of woven spatial divides, panels and sculptural pieces for interior and exterior use.

The work interprets colour, form and texture inherent in the natural world, alongside exploring the often intangible rhythms in nature; the play of light and shadow, sequences of growth, currents, tides and land formation. A combination of natural and man-made materials are used. Jan is very keen to explore new materials and how these can be used in combination with more traditional fibres.


The work embraces a high level of craftsmanship and a desire to make the pieces as ‘beautiful’ as possible.

Jan taught on the BA Textiles Innovation and Design Course at Loughborough University School of the Arts for thirty five years until June 2017.

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